Women CLAP BACK 2018

Website forthcoming, but here’s a bit about the event in the meantime!

CLAP BACK is a one-day conference featuring fifteen woman-identified speakers working on the fringes of music and the arts, who will speak about their interventions in the White and patriarchal dynamics of their fields. The goal of CLAP BACK is to foster cross-disciplinary conversation among musicians, composers, multimedia artists, playwrights, bloggers, academics, and activists.

Laina Dawes, Ethnomusicology PhD student at Columbia, organized the inaugural CLAP BACK at the New School in April 2016, and the online publication Femchord interviewed her about the very successful event. On the back of a year defined by calls for accountability and equity, a second CLAP BACK is timely in 2018, so we teamed up to bring it back in September 2018 at Columbia.

Panel topics will address some of the following topics:

  • intersectionality within the #MeToo movement
  • gendered anger
  • witchcraft
  • words by women
  • interventions in digital spaces.