DSC01590.jpgI am a music historian and Core Lecturer in Music Humanities at Columbia University. My PhD is in Historical Musicology and my dissertation “Sirens/Cyborgs: Sound Technologies and the Musical Body” (2016) explores the role of the body in electroacoustic music. My research spans women composers of electronic music, media history, sound art, and issues of gender, race, and labor in audio culture, experimental music, and popular music. I have taught courses on the Western classical tradition, non-Western musics, popular music, and sound art. I direct a public outreach project called For the Daughters of Harlem: Working in Sound that invites young women of color from New York’s public high schools to discuss, make, record, and produce music at Columbia.

Here is my curriculum vitae; contact me at lv2252 [at] columbia [dot] edu.

Video from a Columbia News article covering the Daughters of Harlem project

Here is a recent (English language) interview I gave to a Czech magazine called Trigger, the printed face of Synth Library Prague. I spoke about aspects of my research, teaching, academic service, and public outreach work. Thank you to Mary C (Marie Čtveráčková) for the great questions.