Here are the assignment guidelines for some of the less typical assignments and projects I have done with students. As with the syllabi on this site, all of these are my work, though this stuff is always influenced by the work of others.

Wikipedia Editing Assignment
…in which students choose and edit a music-related Wikipedia article of their choice and write a statement of intent for their edits. All this after reviewing the gender inequity and racial bias statistics of Wikipedia.

Opera Production Assignment
…in which students pair up to reimagine the opening scene of La Traviata, rethinking production design and stage directions for the scene and producing a statement of intent for the production as a whole.

Correspondence Project between [Western] Music Humanities and Asian Music Humanities
in which students cross curricular lines to think about what they learned and learn from one another.

Musical Site / Musical Object Essay
…in which students think about the Western canon outside of the idea of “works.”

…in which students make arguments about the pleasure and strangeness of listening to a Renaissance motet in a contemporary art museum.