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Tutor, Adult Literacy Program (Brooklyn Public Library, 2019-2020)
I volunteer as an Adult Literacy tutor in the Brooklyn Public Library’s Adult Learning program. Specifically, I work with a group of adult learners preparing to take the High School Equivalency exam in my neighborhood. We work on reading, writing, math, civics, and critical thinking. Most adults who had been educationally underserved are women and people of color; many are immigrants. The BPL offers free training for prospective volunteers.

Co-investigator, For the Daughters of Harlem: Working in Sound (Columbia University, 2017-2018)
This ongoing project has me collaborating with co-investigators Ellie Hisama, Miya Masaoka, Zosha Di Castri, graduate students, and invited workshop leaders on a multi-year project inviting girls and young women of color from Harlem high schools to Columbia University to engage with music—as composers, improvisers, sound artists, and thinkers. My work started with contributing towards the winning grant application for The Collaborative to Advance Equity through Research at Columbia University (CAETR) Seed Grant and building a website for the event, it will culminate over the two-weekend event in April 2018, and end with creating an archive of event proceedings. Video from a Columbia News article covering the Daughters of Harlem project

Symposium Coordinator, Women Music Power: A Celebration of Suzanne G. Cusick’s Work (Columbia University, 2015)
As Symposium Coordinator, I collaborated closely with Conference Organizer Ellie Hisama to design and schedule the two-day event of paper presentations, roundtable panels, lecture-performances, and library exhibit. I also worked closely with Concert Coordinator Zosha Di Castri to organize an evening concert of new music presented by the International Contemporary Ensemble. I negotiated venues for the symposium and concert; social media, and promotional materials; prepared a budget, engaged in fundraising, built and wrote content for the conference website, and collaborated and communicated with the editorial board of Women & Music, the Columbia Department of Music, the New York University Department of Music, Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Columbia Law School, Columbia University Libraries, and other sponsors.

Conference Chair, 2014 Columbia Music Scholarship Conference (Columbia University, 2013 – 2014)
As Conference Chair, I managed a planning committee of graduate students, participated in the writing of the call for papers and selection of abstracts, invited the conference keynote speaker Jonathan Sterne (Department of Art History & Communication Studies, McGill University), prepared a budget and raised funds for the conference, built the conference website, and delivered opening remarks at the conference.