I am continuously reminded that my work has the broadest impact in the classroom, so I spend a lot of time thinking about teaching, pedagogy, and curricula.

I value students’ diverse multidisciplinary interests within music studies and tailor my syllabi to every particular group. I encourage students to respond to and learn from each other, not just to/from me. My courses place emphasis on the transferrable skill of writing, starting with traditional essays but also exploring co-authored writing, correspondence with students in a differently-oriented Music course, writing grant applications, editing Wikipedia, producing multimedia projects, and editing the work of others.

A teaching video from my 2016 seminar Sexing Sound Art is available here. Please contact me for a password if you would like to view the video.

“Rethinking the Musical Museum in 2018,” Panel convener and speaker, The Music Survey at a (Post)Global University, Musicology in the Age of (Post)Globalization, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, April 2018.

“The Multimedia Essay,” Innovative Teaching Summer Institute, Columbia Center for Teaching and Learning, Columbia University, June 2017. Invited presentation.

“Multimedia Learning,” Panel presentation, with Mark Phillipson, Paul A. Scolieri, and Reyes Llopis-García, Celebration of Teaching and Learning Symposium, Columbia University, March 2017. Invited presentation.

Feminist & Queer Pedagogy Workshop (April 2016), invited participant, Columbia University.

Graduate Certificate, Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality (September 2015): certification of qualification to teach interdisciplinary courses in feminist theory and women’s studies.

Meyerson Award for Excellence in Core Teaching (2015): the award, which carries a stipend, is given annually in Art Humanities, Music Humanities, and Literature Humanities to an outstanding graduate student preceptor.

Feminist Pedagogy (Spring 2015), semester-long seminar, Columbia University.

Professional Strategies and Skills (Fall 2012), semester-long seminar, Columbia University.

Syllabi for courses I have taught (and some that I haven’t taught) are available in the drop-down menu under Teaching.