I’m teaching Critical Approaches to Music Technologies this summer at Columbia

I will be teaching a seminar on music technologies as a part of Columbia University’s Summer Sessions.

The course surveys 20th and 21st century music technologies in avant-garde/experimental as well as mainstream/popular genres. Through assigned readings from various fields, students will explore the way music technologies shape musical discourse at large. We will trace the various ways audio-technological practices trouble traditional concepts such as ownership, authorship, musical value, embodiment, performance, or virtuosity, and call for new constructs such as sound synthesis, Liveness, or ‘fair use.’ Students will develop a vocabulary and devise a writing style to assist in the interpretation of music. Empirical listening experience, the experience of a concert or a sound-art installation, and attention to Internet-based music cultures will also feed class discussions.

It runs from July 7 to August 15, 2014.

Check it out here, and click-through for Courseworks.

Pamela Z


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